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Her ☎ : 8263 0504

Name: Cong Cong 丛丛
Age: 28
Her Body: Busty & Curvy
Her Boobs: Natural & Soft
Her Height & Weight: 164Cm & about 48Kg
GFE: Chatty, Able To Hold Conversation Well & Service Oriented
Looks: Uncle Thinks She Have Very Teacher Look & When Spectacles Off, She Looks Very Womanly
Location: Central, Area L

Her Massage Package:

Shower Together 陪洗澡 – Before & After

Whole Body Meridian Massage 全身经络推油 – Authentic & Very Experienced. Leave Your Body To Her & She Will Walk Out Feeling Refreshed!

Chinese Style Massage & Shiatsu 中式按摩和指压 – Strong & Accurate. No Shortcut & Is Very Hardworking!

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩 – After a Hard Day At Work, Request & Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder

Kneeling & Back Stepping Massage 跪和踩背 – Use Her Knees To Massage Your Back Or She Can Balance Her Body Weight ON Your Back. Feel Her Power & Total Relaxation After This

Boobs Massage 胸推 – Whole Body, Back To Front Done Sensually

Kidney Treatment 肾保养 – Prolong Treatment Helps To Keep Your Kidney Healthy & Going!

Juagen 抓根 – Massage The Acupoints Around Your Precious To Promote Better Sexual Life

HDLY 海底捞月 – Varies Hand Movement Combine With Catbath To Stimulate Your Sense

HandJob 打飞机 – Non Mechanic HJ. She Have a Unique Way Of Stimulating Your Sense! Uncle Came In Like 5 Mins!

What She Don’t Do:
Services That Are Not Mention Above.
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her.

Cost For Massage:
$100/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/60 Mins
$150/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

»»» Large Cozy Room INCLUDED «««

Her ☎ : 8263 0504