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Name: Jenny 珍妮
Age: 30
Her Body: Nice Womenly Body Curve
Her Boobs: Natural 36B
Her Height & Weight: 160cm & about 50 Kg
Looks: She has great smile that got me smitten. Friendly & Approachable
GFE: Leave your aching body to her and enjoy her years of massage experience
Language School: She did not attend universal language school. Chinese SMS or Calls ok?
Environment: Clean, Cozy, Spacious
Location: East

What Services Will She Provides:
[You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins/以下项目可以选]

1. Alishan Bean Bag : 阿里山无敌冰火
As Shown In The Pic, This Bean Bag Will Be Soak In Hot Water Before She Give Your Back a Good Rub To Cure Fatigue, Sore & Insomnia! HIGHLY Effective!

2. Energy Transmitting Mat : 能源按摩
An enhancement that allows you to relax on the energy map while heat rush through your body. How Nice Of Her!

3. Mo Sha [Full Body Scrub with Mo Sha Gao Mo] : 磨砂膏磨
Opt for this to clear your body of dead cells. You will feel Refreshed & Rejuvenated!

4. Authentic ZhongYi Tuina : 正宗中医推拿
She Was Trained In This. I Personal Love It Alot As It Is Hard & Accurate Enough To Cure My Most Problematic Back!

5. Whole Body Shiatsu [Finger Press Massage] : 全身指压
Her Shiatsu has high accurancy on hitting your acupoints. Wonderful

6. Whole Body Oil Massage/ : 全身油压
Act as Support After Shiatsu to Enhance The Effect Of Her Massage

7. Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
This Is One Her Best Skill. She Will Ensure You Feel Comfortable & Help You Relieve Headaches

8. Ba Guan [Cupping Without Fire ] : 拔罐
Benefits of this are to drive away coldness and humidity, enhancing blood circulation etc. Release yourself from tiredness and to strengthen your body

9. Gua Sha : 刮痧
It helps to promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. It is also a great treatment for internal & external pain.

10. Kidney Therapy : 肾保养
Prolong Treatment Ensures Your Kidney Functions Well

11. Qian Nie Xian Bao Yang : 前列腺保养
This Technique is your manhood therapy. She will massage around your groin area and it helps promote better blood flow to your precious

12. HDLY : 海底捞月
Let Her Tease Your Balls Playfully and Your Precious Will Rocket Sky High

13. Jua Gen/HandJob : 抓根/打飞机
If You Feel It Is Time To Enhance Your Sexual Ability, Try Out Her JuaGen Skill.
Of Course, You Will Not Leave A Happy Man Without Releasing Your Healthy Sperm Too

[Remarks : Touching of Upper Body is Allow During The Service and Other Intimacy Depends On Your Chemistry With Her]


What She Don’t Do:
Fuck Job & Other Services Not Listed Above

Cost for Massage:

$100/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/60 Mins
$150/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

♥♥♥ Cozy Room & Massage Bed Included  ♥♥♥

Her ☎ : 8598 8807